On The Other Side of Sea, 2023

Offsite, 2023

“On the Other Side of Sea” is the project that continues to bridge with the previous series of work that attempts to explore and examine the meanings of being women in between different generations, families, and even nations with family archival materials, including photographs, interviews, along with reflections. It is also an attempt to reveal some complexity of being Taiwanese indigenous women living in different sociocultural environments without knowing the mother tongue but deeply feeling connected with their pride and culture rooted and influenced by their grandparentsduring growing up.


Wisp, 2019

10.26.2019 - 11.24.2019

The feeling of being abandoned to a rapidly changing society. On a small island with increasingly limited habitable landmass. Where still tender memories of a colonial history co-exist alongside the products of self-determination. These and more have long been the reality for the shrinking indigenous peoples of Taiwan. From changes coming from within their own family histories, to the increasingly delineated nature of their cultural environments, they are poised to inherit and preserve what can only be hesitantly called a culture of their making. Still, these unavoidable encounters not only present the complexity and feasibility towards an indigenous maintaining its “ownness”, but they go further to define, mark and, ultimately, make available an image of Taiwan.

From a mother’s imagination of her, then unborn, child, into a spiritual offering to a recently deceased grandfather, something both urgent and contemplative is revealed, namely how the past and future generations might gather and act out within introspection. An interiority of the subject to oppose the strict externality of “a people”, or to treat ethnic histories as the contaminated diversities that they always have been, that is part preservation, reconstruction, misinterpretation, partially present and forever precarious.

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To My Unborn Child, 2018

To My Unborn Child, a page from the book, 2018

09.14.2018 — 11.10.2018
Richmond Art Gallery, Canada

Curated by Tyler Russel with Godfre Leung
Organized by Center A
Hosted by Richmond Art Gallery
Installation shots at Richmond Art Gallery by Michael Love

Public Press PDF
Selected pages from exhibited book

Review by Levi Sherman


Untitled #14, 2018

03.10.2018 — 04.14.2018
14th Juried Group Exhibition

Curated by Teqen Zen-Aida and Gabriel Ritter
Organized and hosted by SOO VAC


Island, 2017

11.19.2016 - 01.15.2017
Hualien, Taiwan

The curatorial ambition for this exhibition seeks to address and demonstrate ways of coping with cynical positionality—a dis-position—often found when discussing meaningfulness in the photographic image. In order to better account for such a dialogue, the specific theme of this exhibition is aimed at the viability of exhibition oriented, photographic practice as a method to narrativize tourism’s effect on island communities.


The Distance Between, 2013

10.05.2013 — 10.17.2013
Cupar Art Festival, Fife, UK

Glasgow School of Art Graduation Degree Show, Glasgow, UK

“If the center is indeed “the displacing of the question,” it is because the unnamable bottomless well whose sign the center was, has always been surnamed; the center as a sign of the hole that the book attempted to fill.”

— Jacques Derrida