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720x480 pixels

24x37 cm



2012 |

On the way home



“Where are you now?”

“I don’t know.”

“What are you looking for?”

“I don’t know”

“Where do you come from?”

“My home”

“Do you know how to get home?”

“I guess I know.”


“I just know because I think I’m on the way home now.”


Wen-Li's series "On the way home" touches, or better, casts her as a shadow onto the tradition of photography, performance, video art, and documentation. None of these intersections should be assigned with the capital letter of a proper noun. This is mostly due from the lack of sustenance it provides the greater discourse of the respective disciplines. Instead, and like the title suggests, she is using these before mentioned artistic histories in order to shelter her own notion of "home". It is also important to note that this photographic event was not done in the presence of a public audience, adding the personal necessity and the viewer's subsequent distance.


Not unlike the tired saying "a moth to the flame", Wen-Li stands in front of the movement of projector light. A black silhouette - blotting - hints a dual premise: homeward images in motion (video projection) beckon the static pose of a passive gaze. In other words, the antecedental tendency produces - as the photos testify - a disorienting tumble toward the way back. The result is a series of images that are not unlike the resistant force of waves.


Text / Darren Tesar