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The action of taking pictures binds memories and experiences onto a continual growth. Not unlike attempting to find comfort in motherhood, a way of being reconciled to memory by the promise for another future. My pictures—always made on the go—are simply a way of examining myself engaging in this world.

That being said, the intention of making is different from taking. The moment of taking a picture is also the evidence of its passing. Image making attempts to reengage the trace left in an image, the plasticity found in reorganizing memory and intention. However, no amount of altering can completely erase that initial sense of passing, death as a picture.

This intense gravity toward manipulating things already past is due to my own insecurity toward authenticity, continually de-centered by the dramatic shifts in generational norms and values commonly found under the rapid development of East Asia. Any attempt to relate to Taiwan from the perspective of being a woman finds my mother’s generation increasingly abstracted and my grandmother’s heritage nearly extinct (Indigenous Taiwanese).

Medium into material and back into becoming another medium. Photography and the photograph bridge in their countless reflections, intentions and personal memories in order to bring something back, namely an impossible security in being a Taiwanese woman. A half-blood offspring of dying people (Kavalan) populated more by old amateur photographs than those living today.

Artist statement by Wen-Li Chen


Wen-Li Chen lives and works in St. Paul, Minnesota since 2015 after relocating from Taiwan.

She is an emerging visual artist as well as an experienced independent visual communication designer who works with artists and art spaces closely in book or print form. Recently commissioned works include The Sheer Of Aboutlessness Of Being (artist book collaborated with Twin Cities-based artists Charles Manson Lume and Andy Sturdevant, 2018) and making another upcoming artist book collaborated with Charles Manson Lume again along with another two female artists/poets from Twin Cities.  

Wen-Li has shown her works internationally in the UK, Singapore, USA, Canada, and Taiwan. Recent and forthcoming solo exhibitions and group exhibitions include Belonging at Northfield Arts Guild Gallery (2020), Wisp at FOGSTAND Gallery (2019), To My Unborn Child at Richmond Art Gallery (2018), Untitled 14 at SOO VAC (2018). She recently receives an opportunity of an artist residency program from Lanesboro Arts (August 2020) that is an art organization focus on community-based projects in rural areas. She was a finalist for Jerome Early Career Fellowship (2020-2021) and a shortlist for Taipei Biennale in Taiwan (2015-2016).

Wen-Li holds an M.Des in photography from The Glasgow School of Art in Scotland (2013) and a BA in the Russian Language from Tamkang University, Taipei, Taiwan (2004). She has taught graphic design and art photography at UW-STOUT during 2015-2018.  


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