On The Other Side of Sea
2023, Ongoing Project/Artist Book

2019, FOGSTAND Gallery, St. Paul, MN, USA

Untitled #14
2018, Soo VAC, Minneapolis, MN, USA 

To My Unborn Child
2018, Richmond Gallery, Canada

2017, FOGSTAND Gallery, Hualien, Taiwan

The Distance Between
2013, Cupar Art Festival, Fife, UK


Medium into material and back into becoming another medium. Photography and the photograph bridge in their countless reflections, intentions and personal memories in order to bring something back, namely an impossible security in being a Taiwanese woman. A half-blood offspring of dying people (Kavalan) populated more by old amateur photographs than those living today.




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Wen-Li Chen is a Taiwanese-born, Saint Paul-based interdisciplinary artist, arts administrator, and graphic designer. Wen-Li is moved to encounter and present intergeneration, dwelling, and inheritance through oblique poetics, vulnerable histories, enduring relationships, and personal experiences. Her artwork often takes the form of books, photo essays, photography, videos, found objects, and installations. Wen-Li has shown her works internationally and nationally.